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Bathroom Remodeling

Do you know how much time you spend in your bathroom? A 2014 government study shows the average American spends 30 minutes to an hour per day in the bathroom. Because this study was prior to smartphones becoming mainstream, it's safe to say the number may be even higher today, as three out of four Americans use their phone on the porcelain throne. If you’re going to spend this much of your time somewhere, you may as well enjoy it. We've come to find many families agree, and bathroom remodeling services remain a popular request.

Remodeling improvements make life easier. They remove annoyances like limited space and old floors. A clean bathroom with an easy-to-use medicine cabinet and functional storage will reduce frustration and save you time. A modern appearance alone will do wonders on how you experience your bathroom.

Areas to Consider with Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you going for a master bathroom or a few practical upgrades? When you decide to remodel, consider the following:

Cabinets & Storage: Bathroom cabinets provide a convenient space to store medicine, towels, and miscellaneous appliances or supplies. However, a cabinet that is too small or too long can be a hindrance. A remodeler can recommend bathroom cabinet and storage solutions that work in your space.

Flooring: An old and dingy floor isn’t great on the eyes, especially in the bathroom where cleanliness is essential. You need a durable floor that matches the style of your remodel. Your bathroom remodeler can help you choose flooring that suits your needs. Material options include hardwood, linoleum, and vinyl tile.

Tubs, Toilets, Sinks & Showers: Depending on the age and appearance of your bathtub, toilet, sink, and shower, you may want a replacement. A walk-in shower, for example, can add function and convenience while creating a modern appearance. A benefit to replacing old toilets is a lower water bill, depending on how many gallons it holds and whether you switch to a high-efficiency toilet. Similarly, you may wish to replace your sink and bottom cabinet storage area, especially if there's rust around the edges of the sink.

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