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Residential Electrical

Home Electrical Repairs & Installation by Warren Construction

You rely on electricity in your home every day. Whenever you flip a light switch, make a smoothie with the blender, charge your smartphone, or turn on the flat screen TV, you're depending on your electricity.

Now imagine what your home would be without it. There'd be no appliances like a microwave or electric stove. Forget the refrigerator, too. Navigating rooms at night would be a lot tougher without working lights to guide your way. In summer, you'd sweat without an A/C unit installed. If you use your smartphone as an alarm clock, you'd have trouble keeping it charged. From blow drying your hair to cooking dinner, your life would be dramatically different without electricity.

That's why residential electrical services are important. Whether it's an electrical repair, safety inspection, or installation service, you need a good contractor on hand to get the most enjoyment from your home.

Warren Construction is an electrical contractor serving Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Clarks Summit, and surrounding areas. Whether it's updating your residence to energy-efficient LED lights that save you money, diagnosing why your breakers are tripping frequently, or installing wiring in your home, Warren Construction can help with all minor and major electrical work.

When it comes to household electrical wiring and safety, you need someone who has the right combination of knowledge and hands-on experience for the job. Warren Construction has licensed electricians who are ready to perform the residential electric services you need to enjoy a better home experience, including: diagnostics and repairs, code inspections, and appliance installations.

We know what's at stake when the electricity stops working and are trained to help.

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